Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

Bargain Hunting at Yard Sale

by Mr Credit Card

It’s time of the year again for yard sales. For some, it’s to clean out their closets & garage but for some it’s because they are moving. Nevertheless, it’s always fun for the bargain hunters.

Last weekend, my neighbor had a yard sale because they are moving back to the UK. As they had to pay for their own shipping, they sold away almost everything they bought when they first moved in 3 years ago. I was fortunate enough to have a “presale” and picked out what I needed a few weeks before. My neighbor also invited us to “piggyback” the yard sale if we have “treasures or junk” to sell. So, couple of us put out extra tables on that day and her kids sold lemonade. All the kids played while the adults were hawking their wares.

I am constantly cleaning out our closets and dealing with clutter. Hence, it took me quite a while to gather up what to sell at the yard sale. In the end, my kids and I decided to sell all the kiddy videos and Thomas the Tank Engine books that they outgrew. We also took out the stroller, two pairs of Spider Man “roller skates cum shoes” we got from ToysRus NYC, 2 new picture frames and a Megablocks Piano. We only sold the Piano and Thomas the Tank Engine Books – netted only $6. In contrast, I spent more than $300 ing up my neighbor’s “treasures”.

Our loot includes :

1. An Ikea dining table – which matches our dining chair
2. A bicycle
3. Leather Office Chair
4. A bookcase
5. An electric carving knife and bread knife set
6. Several books on dinosaurs and dinosaur toys
7. Shoe racks, picnic blanket, sleds & more books were free.

Items 1 to 3 were bought during the presale.

My neighbor made out very well during the yard sale. In fact, there were people waiting outside her garage before 9am – the official opening time and she sold the bulk of the furniture within half an hour. It was the books, toys and planters that were not popular.

All in all it was a fun day. The kids get to toys, play balls, eat hotdogs and drink lemonade while the adults get to socialise and spend money. But bear in mind that we also saved a lot of money ing these stuff from a moving sale!

2 Responses to “Bargain Hunting at Yard Sale”

  1. Zave Says:

    We love finding cool deals at local garage sales or yard sales. We’ve even went bargain hunting while on vacation. The kids even love it. We’ve found sales on craigslist and at this site

    We’ve even posted our sales and our neighbor’s sales to help out. At times we’ve even been able to sell stuff for 300% more than we paid for it! I love bargain hunting!

  2. Mike Says:

    I constantly attend yard and estate sales in my area on the weekends to find things to “flip” on eBay, but I haven’t taken part in our local “multi-family” sale in a couple of years because I found that we were just trading junk with the neighbors!

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