Friday, July 25th 2014

Belated Carnival Roundup

by Mr Credit Card


Free Money Finance hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance

Simple Dollar hosted ther Carnival of Personal Finance #114

Fire Finance hosted the Carnival of Money Stories #23

Carnival of Debt Management #22

Posts I liked

Mighty Bargain Hunter talks about his experience with Lending Tree and Free Gift Cards. Finally, someone actually recounts their actual experience using services like Lending Tree.

Fire Finance’s Top Personal Finance Books is a great list of pf books to check out. I have read quite a few of them and must say it is a good list.

Savings Advice of how 7 unauthorized credit cards were opened in his name is a wake up call on how important it is to protect your identity.

Golbguru’s post on the subprime mess is one of the most level headed article I’ve read in a while about this topic. Please check this out if you have not.

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