Friday, September 19th 2014

Blog Review : Blogging Away Debt By Tricia

by Mr Credit Card

I am going to start a review section where I review other personal finance blogs. This review is absolutely unsolicited and not part of those Pay Per Post type reviews that you see flying around the blogesphere.

One of the reasons I am starting this series with a review of this blog is because Tricia posted a guest article written by me during the last week of January when she went shopping for her insurance. The article was 2 Ideas for your Credit Card Reduction Plan. I had forgotten to thank her and so this is way to say “Thanks Tricia for letting me be a guest blogger”.

Blogging Away Debt has gone through a site redesign and has a very neat layout and structure (though I did prefer the old site layout colors!). Tricia started her blog in Febuary 2006. She has since documented the steps she has taken to reduce her debt. In fact, her debt is displayed prominently on the top right hand navigation column.

If there is one word to describe Blogging Away Debt, it is “REAL”. Blogs started originally as an online diary (a web log – soon become blog!). Along the way, blogs discovered that with traffic, it could be monetized. Bloggers started writing fancy articles like “Top 10 Ways to Reduce Debt” etc as these were “catchy headlines”. You will none of that on Tricia’s blog. Most of her post relate to her real experiences. In fact, the way she organizes her blog categories offers an interesting insight about her blog. You can read about her confessions, her monthly spending, or ways she saves money. In fact, Tricia has even outdone me on a couple of occasions like her recent post on Citibank doing away with their universal default clause (shame on me!).

As you read Tricia’s blog, you get to know her and want to follow your path to total debt reduction. It is almost like reading a reality series. This is in contrast to many blogs where there is a lack of personality. If you are in Tricia’s position, I think you should be checking out her blog for motivation, encouragement and lots of great money saving and debt reduction tips. Even if you are debt-free, this is a great blog to follow. I have her rss feed on my yahoo reader and it is a blog that I check out everyday. So head over to Blogging Away Debt and tell me if you are agree with what I have said.

2 Responses to “Blog Review : Blogging Away Debt By Tricia”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Wow, thank you for your kind words :) aren’t the first person to say they missed my old colors. I do too, and am wondering if I should switch back.

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:

    Yeah, switch back – or at least have the funky green and purple colors.

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