Wednesday, April 1st 2015

Does Coupon Cutting Save You Money At Auto Repair Shops?

by Mr Credit Card

We all know how coupon cutting saves you lots of money at supermarkets. Mrs Credit Card cuts up coupons every weekend from the papers and strategically makes our household purchases whenever she could take advantage of the coupons she has amassed.

But when I use coupons for an auto repair shop, the story is a bit different. Just a two minute drive from my place is Monroe’s. Monroe’s is a chain of auto repair shops. Each shop is managed by someone who is actually just an employee. There are always Monroe coupons every week in the papers.

The first time I went to Monroe’s, Mrs Credit Card gave me the coupons. But I forgot to use them and when we told the manager, he said he could not change the system and told us he would give us a discount the next time (which he did).

On the third occasion, I gave him the coupon just before he input the details in the cashier’s machine. “Oh” he said, and he went on keying in the details. The bill came up to an amount that was similar with no discount. “I have to include certain labor cost!” he said.

On the fourth occasion, I had a similar service performed. This time I gave him the coupon right from the start. When I came to pick up the car, I was told I needed to change something (can’t remember cos I’m not a car guy). It was very minor. But there goes my discount!

I have been to this place a few more times because it is close to my place. But I can’t help but think that all these coupons for auto repair shops are worthless. They will always find something wrong with your car or include some other “service cost” if you tell them you are using the coupons! The manager also said that he does not advertise the coupons, but instead it is done by the “corporate marketing department”. Go figure.

3 Responses to “Does Coupon Cutting Save You Money At Auto Repair Shops?”

  1. auto repair school Says:

    the trick to making the most of these coupons is to only approve the work you will get discounted for. it is unethical and n most places quite illegal for a repair shop to perform work without your approval and make you pay for that work. From now on, don’t wait till the end to present the coupon, go in from the start with both yourself and the shop aware of the coupon and that you don’t want them to do anything else. There are too many places that will take advantage of your ignorance.

    better yet, find a mechanic you can trust, who charges fair, and you won’t need silly coupons

  2. Precision Shot Auto Repair Kits Says:

    Most of those coupons for free oil changes are just to get you in the store, aka “loss leaders.” They’re willing to lose money on them if they can upsell you on something else.

  3. mechanic Says:

    Mmm, I agree. The worth of a mechanic isn’t measured by how many coupons they put in the paper, or how big and flashy their ads are. It’s measured by real, honest reviews of the business, as well as providing certainties like fixed price upfront quotes, and warranties. Don’t just look for the lowest price with car repair (or even a discounted price through coupons), look for the best value… sometimes that will mean paying a little more initially, but not going away feeling ripped off.

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