Thursday, July 24th 2014

Donate to Charity and Save on a Fancy Dinner

by Mr Credit Card

About a month ago, Mrs Credit Card attended a Silent Auction for a public charity – National Organisation for Hearing Research (NOHR) Foundation. It was Tea at The Rittenhouse Hotel and the organisers did a fantastic job securing many donations for the event. There were gift certificates to dinners at Morimoto’s or Buddakhan’s with tickets to The View, gift certificates to dinners at Delmonicos Steakhouse and etc etc.
The presentation of some of the auction items were phenomenal. The presenter of the event was Stephanie Stahl – medical reporter of CBS 3 Philadelphia. It was a successful event and they raised close to $200,000.

Mrs Credit Card bidded $40.00 (minimum bid) for a gift certificate valued at $100 at Delmonicos Steakhouse at the Hilton Hotel including a recipe book named SPICE. It was the only bid and she got it.

So we made use of the gift certificate yesterday as it was Mrs Credit Card’s birthday. And we did save quite a bit. For appetizer, I had the crab cakes while Mrs Credit Card had a mushroom risotto with Sea Scallops. Yum Yum. For the main course, Mrs Credit Card had the Ribeye steak, medium rare. I had the rare Blackened Ahi Tuna Steak. We also ordered a side of Asparagus not knowing that a salad came with the entree.

The portions were so huge we had to doggy bag! When it was time for desert, we were both stuffed. But we got a few pieces of desert for the kids. So how much did we spend and how much did we save? Here is the cost breakdown.

1. Crab Cake Appetizer – $13.00
2. Sea Scallop/Rissotto – $13.00
3. Voss Water – $6.00
4. Chevalier Champagne by the glass – $7.50
5. Delmonico Steak – $31.00
6. Rare Ahi Tuna – $24.00
7. Grilled Asparagus – $6.00
8. Lava Cake – $6.50
9. Desert (4 slices of cake for kids) – $26.00
10 Tea (for two) – $5.00

Subtotal – $138.00
Tax – $9.89
Total – $147.89

Because we had a $100 voucher, the bill came up to $47.89. We gave a $25 tip. Hence the total cost for the night worked out as follows :

Cost to get the $100 voucher – $40.00 (charity donation)
Cost of dinner – $72.89
Valet Parking – $3.00
Baby Sitter – $12 (our neighbour!)

Total Cost – $127.89. We would have paid $187.89 instead without the gift certificate. We saved a total of $60.00. In fact, we could have saved another $30 if we had shared the main course. The portion was so huge that we had to doggy bag (guess what’s for dinner tonight ?)

To be honest, we seldom go to steakhouses or any fancy restaurants. But it was Mrs Credit Card’s birthday, so a nice dinner was an absolute must! But it’ll felt good that w actually donated some money to a worthy cause and yet at the same time manage to save on our extravagant dinner.

2 Responses to “Donate to Charity and Save on a Fancy Dinner”

  1. The Digerati Life Says:

    I think killing two birds with one stone is a great idea! If there were more of these opportunities around, I’d definitely take it. Why not enjoy ourselves while being charitable right?

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:

    You are definitely right. Plus you really feel good about doing something good.

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