Thursday, July 31st 2014

Fine for EZ Pass Zone, Going Through A Stop Sign and An Expired Parking Meter

by Mr Credit Card

Here are a few examples of how not to be frugal :

About three weeks ago, I was driving to see some clients and while I was preparing to pay my toll, I accidentally drove through the EZ Pass Only Lane even though I had no EZ Pass in my car.

To my horror, I realized that there was no person in the booth. I wound down the passenger window and asked the operator in the other booth if she could help me. The answer was “no”. I was told to wait for a letter and a fine.

Well, the letter has finally arrived. The total amount due was $44.00. It consisted of the Toll Balance of $19.00. The Administration Fee was $25.00! So what should have been a $1.00 toll fare becomes 44 times more! All because of my carelessness.

Now, about a week ago, I was in a rush in the morning and I went through a STOP sign without stopping. There were no cars. But before I knew it, there was a police car behind me. I stopped and the officer came and we went through the whole motion. I gave him my driver’s license. After what seems like eternity, he finally came back and gave me a citation but he did not deduct any points. The fine was $107.50!

About a month ago, I was in the city for a meetup group. It was raining and I parked my car at a public car park. I place two dollars worth of quarters into the parking meter. It was good until nine o’clock at night. When I arrived at 9:45pm, I realized I got a ticket. I seldom go to the city at night and thought parking was free after nine o’clock. Turns out that is not the case. The fine was $26.00.

Getting a fine for going through the wrong lane in the toll booth or getting caught for not stopping at a STOP sign or not putting enough quarters certainly was not part of my budget. Thank goodness I’m not strapped for cash. I will now be much more careful when I’m driving.

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