Monday, March 30th 2015

Frugal Steps to Organize Your Kids Birthday Party

by Mr Credit Card

Growing up, I always wanted Birthday parties. Somehow, it made me feel so special. So, when my kids wanted them, I can’t help but would do it because it made me feel like a kid again. However, my kids’ birthdays are all around the same time and it really puts a toll on me physically and financially. I am pleased to share my tips on how to organise a frugal yet fun birthday party for your kids.

1. Party Planner & entertainer : Mom & Dad – Free

There are tons of websites offering party themes and game ideas for birthday parties of all ages. Organizing a theme and all the games may seem stressful the first time. But after organizing a couple of parties, it becomes much easier and almost second nature. In my opinion, there is really no need to hire entertainers, clowns, face painters etc (you can be the face painter!). For example, a group of three face painters will cost one hundred dollars an hour. Renting a moon bounce will set you back $290.

2. Venue : Home – free

Having a party at home may be a clean up hassle, but it is free. We once rented a party room at a toy store and it cost $180. We have been to parties in a go carting track, children’s petting zoo, bowling alley, MacDonald’s, Chuckee Cheese. They were all fun, but it can be just as fun at home. It all depends on the games you organize.

3. Invitation Cards

Mr Credit Card makes the invitation cards. He will copy pictures of the theme that our kids would like to have to their parties and paste them into Microsoft Word. We are able to customize our invitations this way. After a couple of attempts, it only takes about ten minutes.

4. Food

There are a couple of rules with regards to food. Firstly, it obviously has to be kid friendly. It has to be easy to prepare and not messy to eat. Below are some examples of the type of foods I get.

Hot dogs – (Buy 1 get 2 free Ball Park Beef Franks) and Genuard’s hot buns – pack of 8 for $0.99, Lay’s chips – 1 get 1 free, Capri Sun drinks – 5 for $8 , Domino’s pizza 555 deal. Fast fixing dinosaur chicken nuggets are a big hit too and costs only $4.99 a pack when it is on sale.

5. Party bags

Below is where I typically shop for party bags :

Dollar Store gift bags, $1 for 25 pieces. Dollar Store or 5 & Below Stores for toys & candies givewaways. Oriental Trading for bulk purchases – usually free or discounted shipping for purchases above $60.

6. Party Supplies

I normally get all my party supplies from Partyland. You can save up to 20% on all purchases with coupons. Finally, blow your own balloons! They last longer, cost nothing (though they do not float in the air).

Thank You Cards

Instead of a traditional thank you card, we take a group picture and make postcard size copies with a heading “Thank you for coming !” & send them to all who attended. Many parents feedback that they like the idea and their kids love the picture. If you have a polaroid camera, take pictures of your birthday kid with the present together with the friend who gave the gift.

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  1. Christine Says:

    I’m looking for birthday invitations that look like credit cards. My daughter is having a mall party and this is what she wants. Any ideas? Can’t seem to find anything searching the web.

  2. fran Says:

    I’m looking for a birthday invitations that look like a credit card. wondering if you could help me find some?

  3. beth lutz Says:

    did you ever find somewhere that has invitations that look like credit cards?

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