Wednesday, July 30th 2014

Halloween Festival Love

by Mr Credit Card

Ok – here are some belated carnivals that I participated in and some posts that caught my eye.

Carnivals and Festivals

Carnival of Money Stories

4th Carnival of College and Finance

122nd Carnival of Personal Finance

123rd Carnival of Personal Finance

Posts to check out

Do we spend more when we use swipe plastic by Poorer than You is one of the more in-depth posts I have come across about how credit cards affect people’s spending habits. For me personally, I always pay in full and it has never really affected me. I certainly know friends who definitely are wary about carrying one lest they could out of control!

Clever Dude tells and warns us about ing musical instruments the wrong way when he was much younger – Yes, you’ve guessed it – via credit. If he had turned out to be a great rock star rather than a blogger, then it may have been a “great investment”!

A belated Happy 1 Year Anniversary to SVB. I guess this blog is coming up to the first year anniversary as well. But it’s certainly isn’t as colorful as her blog and my interest tends to be just on credit cards. On a funny note, I really do hope she shampoos her hair!.

Lastly, Blue Print for Financial Prosperity shares his thoughts on the Mother of all tax reforms. You might just want to check out what’s potentially in store if you are not the sort to follow these things.

4 Responses to “Halloween Festival Love”

  1. jim Says:

    I think you have MBH and myself confused, I shared my thoughts. :)

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:

    oops – apologies – it has been corrected.

  3. The Digerati Life Says:

    Thanks for the greeting! And I think you also got me confused with the lady who doesn’t wash her hair! :D I do shampoo daily I swear!!

  4. Mr Credit Card Says:

    No confusion, just having some fun. While you can calculate the present value of your lifetime shampoo expenses, it’s hard to quantify missed dates etc! Plus when you cut your hair, shampoo expenses are factored in as well! But another funny post!

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