Tuesday, March 31st 2015

How We Saved 20% at Toys R Us Times Square New York

by Mr Credit Card

We were at New York over the weekend with the kids and obviously, we ended up at Toys R Us.

Mrs Credit Card had a few things to shop. Our kids have been invited to a couple of birthday parties. Our own kids birthday was in June. We could end up spending a lot, but fortunately we managed to get a 20% discount coupon from the most unexpected place.

We got a 20% discount from the City Guide New York! And we got the City Guide New York from our hotel at The Hampton Inn Chelsea at 24th st between 6th and 7th Ave. In fact, when Mrs Credit Card presented the coupon to the cashier, they did not accept it straight away and decided to check it. They even asked where she got it from and was surprised when we told them where we got it. In fact, the cashiers even said they will be looking to get this discount coupon for themselves.

What was more interesting was that there were other coupons from other merchants as well. So when you are travelling (especially to New York), you might want to check out the City Guides (in whatever city you are going) at the Hotel Lobby that you are staying. You may just save yourself a few dollars in change. We certainly did.

toys r us discount

By the way, this discount is valid until the end of May. But I won’t be surprised if there is another promotion after that!

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