Thursday, July 31st 2014

Mandatory Personal Finance Reading

by Mr Credit Card

This is my compilation of must read articles, post and videos for those of you that are really into personal finance. None of these are from the personal finance bloggesphere. Instead, these are from real authorities in investing and includes articles from investment companies, institutional reports and magazines.

Building Better Portfolios Video by Alliance Bernstein. Recently, a few bloggers have revealed their asset allocation. For example, the Sun’s Financial Dairy revealed his investments and asset allocation. SVB has also bared her investment portfolio allocation. How is your portfolio structured? Is it constructed properly. Well, you will find out after watching this video.

Understanding Investor Behavior – How are you reacting to the stock market drop the last two weeks? Are you behaving rationally? This post will enlighten you on common investor behaviorial mistakes.

Even Smart People Make Poor Investment Decisions – Yes, that literally means all of us. You will cringe when you read this post.

Overcoming Loss Aversion – This is another great article on investor behavior.

The Asset Allocation Advantage – This article will reinforce the importance of asset allocation. Read it thoroughly.

Guide to Mutual Fund Investing – Do you know the difference between A, B and C shares? Do you understand the fees in mutual funds. This is a great guide that will answer thesee questions and will be a good revision for those who think they know this.

Investment Profile Questionaire – Did you actually do a risk profile for yourself before you decided on your asset allocation? I think not? So before you fiddle with your portfolio, take this quiz by Alliance Bernstein and figure what your risk profile is and how your asset allocation should be.

Whitepapers from Pension and Investments Online – Pension and Investments Online ( is a great site about the latest happenings in the world of institution money management, pension plans, foundations and endowments. This site will tell you what the smartest money managers and asset allocators are up to.

Overview of Private Equity – This is one of the white papers from

ETF : A sound approaching to international investing by Vanguard – How much should you invest in international equities? What is the best allocation that will reduce your portfolio risk? Last Friday SVB asked How much foreign exposure should your portfolio have?. Lazy Man and Money has also been asking what is the proper asset allocation for international equities? If you have been asking the same question, then watch this Vangaurd video.

Vanguard Retirement Report 2006 – Are clients ready for retirement? – What’s your notion of retirement. It may be very different from what you think!

Target Maturity Funds – These funds puts everything on autopilot. But they may not be right for everyone. Find out all about target maturity funds and if they are right for you.

Filtering Out the Noise when Evaluating Investment Strategies – Before any you DIY folks invest, please read this article.

Looking Past Asset Cycles – This is a great post for understanding market cylces and asset class performance.

Lessons from Behavioral Finance and Autopilot 401k Plans – Vanguard – You will be surprised by some of the findings in this research poece.

Investment Tool ecommendations by Pension and Investments Online – The best recommended investor tools by what in my opinion is one of the best online investment resource.

Parting words

Well, I hope you found this useful. Please let me know (in the comments below) if I should include any other articles.

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