Friday, July 25th 2014

Memorial Day Links

by Mr Credit Card

I missed linking back to the last 2 week’s carnivals which I was involved. So here is a quick recap. Please check these out if you are not at the beach!

Carnival of Personal Finance 101 Edition at Fire Finance.

75th Festival of Frugality was hosted by JD Roth at Get Rich Slowly.

Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance at Tired But Happy.

Carnival of Credit Card #13 at Credit Card Lowdown.

Festival of Under 30 Finance at Money for the Rest of Us.

Festival of Frugality #74 at Millionster.

Carnival of Personal Finance at My Open Wallet.

Fav Post from the past 2 weeks

Check out Smart Money Daily’s real life Jouney from Bankruptcy to a 700 Credit Score. I really enjoyed this post because it was coming from a real person. If you are in a similar situation, you will learn a lot about rebuilding your credit history.

JD Roth’s advice to an employed person about Coping with Unemployment : Blogging is not the answer is a sound one. My take on this : Start a Blog when you are employed!

Grad Money interviews Single Ma about 5 Money Questions : I won’t tell you exactly what it’s about, but I can say for sure you’ll learn something from this.

Finally, SVB of The Digerati Life talks about 10 Ways to save on your wedding cake. Lot of pics – but I don’t really fancy of these wedding cakes! But being Star Wars fan (and given that they have just celebrated their 30th anniversary), I was pleased to see a Star Wars wedding cake. But come on SVB, Kit Fisto? How about Han Solo and Princess Leia (with her outfit when she was captured by Jaba the Hut!)

That’s It! Happy Memorial Day.

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