Thursday, April 24th 2014

Mid Way Through Summer Roundup

by Mr Credit Card

There were a few interesting post that caught my eye this week.

Firstly, I noticed my friend Little House writing a great guest post about getting companion tickets with Amex through their magazine offers. Heck, it was such a good post that I’d wish she actually wrote that post for this site as a guest post! If you are an Amex Platinum Card member (like I am), this story is worth checking out.

At this blog, we advocate paying your bills and never running up any credit card debt. But it goes beyond that. We advocate not getting into debt at all. But some debt seems to be “acceptable” to society – like mortgage. But what about student debt, whom many consider as “an investment for the future” because “on average”, college grads make more during their lifetime than those who just have “high school degrees”. But Donna Freedman has written an interesting take on student loans. Like any other debt you take, your ability to repay them should determine how much you should borrow. If you are going to college soon (or your kid is), perhaps you should check out this post.

I love folks who write about reward programs. So how could I have missed this (written months ago)? Uh, perhaps I was not aware of this blog back then (but now I am). So belatedly, here’s I pick Up Pennies posts on saving tips with reward programs (not the credit card sort – those you can check here).

Getting the Most from Reward Programs

How Do You Use Reward Programs.

There are a few other such posts on her site, but I’ll leave it to you to navigate yourself.

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