Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

No New Blackberry Phone – How Much Do I Save?

by Mr Credit Card

First a confession – I’ve never been a techie sort of person. I have never had the latest phones or any hardware. For the longest time, I carried a very old fashion phone. Then a few weeks ago, my colleagues at work started to tell me how great having a blackberry phone was. They could “sync” their Microsoft Outlook with their blackberry and also their calendar. This made it great for work purposes.

However, just a couple of months ago, I had just exchanged my phone with Verizon Wireless to a better phone with a camera and this new VCAST things where you can download music. The only reason I did this was because I lost my cell phone on a plane. This was not the first time I had lost my phone.

So I decided to head to verizon and see if they could upgrade Mrs Credit Card’s phone and then swap numbers. First, we were told that I could “upgrade” my phone to a blackberry for $249.00. However, if I were to upgrade Mrs Credit Card’s phone to a blackberry, swap phone with her and have our cell phone numbers swapped, it would cost $299.00. Well, it is a “system thing” – said the salesperson. He then told Mrs Credit Card she could upgrade her phone and it would potentially cost less than $299 than if we had swapped phone numbers.

After much deliberation, Mrs Credit Card persuaded me not to get a new blackberry. These were her reasons :

1. I am constantly losing my phone! – she was right. I have lost more phones than I care to remember.

2. Because I seem to always lose my phone, she suggested I carry a dairy instead whenever I went out to meet clients. She even reminded me that I had ordered the American Express Blue Cash dairy!

3. It cost an extra $45 (I think) to be able to access the internet and have unlimited data transmission with Verizon (or as with all cell phone networks). I would save money simply by carrying a dairy.

In the end, we walked out of the Verizon Wireless store without getting the blackberry. I was not in a hurry and I thought I’d try out with the dairy first and see how it goes. If this works, I’d probably be saving quite a bit on my cell phone bills.

To all you blackberry folks, can you live without it? Will a simple diary do? Should I change my mind and get a blackberry? Please share your thoughts.

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