Thursday, April 2nd 2015

Saving On Apple iPhone Wireless Bills

by Mr Credit Card

The New Apple iPhone is all the rage now. Well, I’ve found a way to save on your monthly Apple iPhone bills. Apple made an agreement with Cingular (now part of AT&T), hence every iPhone owner now has to use Cingular as their wireless carrier.

Unlike other wireless carriers, you have to pay for the full price of an Apple iPhone. With other carriers, you will get a free cellphone if you sign up for say a two year contract. I have found a way for iPhone or wannabe iPhone owners to save some money. And you’ve guessed it – through credit cards!

You can save money on your iPhone and your monthly bills if you have the AT&T Universal Rewards Card. The card allows you to earn five reward points when you use your card for “eligible AT&T purchases”. This is defined as purchases made through AT&T customer service center (1-800-222-3111) or through hence, as long as you make your iPhone purchase and cingular wireless service directly from AT&T, you will earn five reward points for every dollar you spend on the card. AT&T’s card program is based on the ThankYou Redemption network program from Citibank. It also comes with a 0% balance transfer deal for 12 months (with no balance transfer fee for the introductory period).

If you wish to earn cash rebates instead, you can get the American Express SimplyCashSM Business Card. This card pays 5% cash rebates on wireless bills, gasoline, office supplies. You also get discounts at American Express OPENSAVINGs merchant partners like Fedex, Delta Airlines and Courtyard by Marriott. (Though this is a small business credit card, you can always apply as a sole proprietor even if you do not have a business).

So there you have it, two credit cards that will save you money on your iPhone bills.

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  1. Apple iphone netbook Says:

    The Apple rumor mill is once again running overtime on the topic of netbooks. If you believe the reports, Steve Jobs is himself leading the charge. My take: Whatever Apple does, it won’t be a netbook in the usual sense, I also bet that Apple, if it does anything, will itself avoid using the n-word to describe it.

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