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Staple Rewards – How to Save Money at Staples

by Mr Credit Card

I frequently get my stationary stuff from Staples. After my most recent visit three days ago, I was given a form to fill out that will enroll me in the Staples Reward program. Given that I review credit cards, I felt a little jaded and wanted to toss out the flyer. But I kept it and read it at home.

Staples Reward Formula – If you enroll in the reward program, you will earn 2% in cash rewards for up to $15 per quarter when you spend $200 or more at Staples within the calendar quarter. You will earn 2% rebates on all purchases except computers, gift cards, postage stamps, sales tax, state fees, purchases and purchases made from outside companies through Staples.

Free Delivery – Members will get delivery free from any phone and online orders regardless of order size.

20% rebates on Copy & Print Center purchases – When you spend $50 or more a quarter at the Staples Copy & Print Center, you will earn 20% back in your reward check for up to $200.

Gold Membership Upgrades – If you spend $1,000 or more in one calendar year, you will be upgraded to Gold status where you can earn 5% rebates for up to $30 a quarter.

Link to Your Credit Card – Best of all, you can link your Staples Rewards membership to your credit card so you do not have to carry your Staples card all the time.

At this moment, I am revisting my cash back strategy. I am now considering getting the American Express SimplyCashSM Business Card because I can earn 5% rebates on gasoline, stationary and wireless service. Since there is no tiers like my Blue Cash Card, I can earn these 5% rebates right away. Now if I were to link my Staples Rewards to the Simply Cash Card, I might earn higher rebates!

This is what I plan to do and I will report when it’s all set up. But if you shop frequently at Staples, getting a Staples Rewards membership probably makes sense.

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14 Responses to “Staple Rewards – How to Save Money at Staples”

  1. SalesManager Says:

    Update your post this is the old rewards card. As of March 2007 the rewards program has changed in key areas! You now get 10% back on Ink, Toner, Paper and Copy Center purchases! You can save up to 40% on Ink… How? Follow these guide lines…. 1. Bring in the empty inks and recieve $3 each (HP, Lexmark and Dell) 2. Buy multi-packs you DO save. 3. Use your rewards card when purchasing to get the 10%.

    BTW- The rewards card is not a cedit card it is a free program for frequent shoppers.

  2. Paul Martin Says:

    I would like to get a Staples Rewards card.

  3. Breach Transportation Inc. Says:

    I got a E-mail with my reward’s #, and asking me to go to for password, I did but i don’t know where to get it.
    can you please guide me? I will appreciate. Thank you.

  4. Gary La Cour Says:

    I turn in empty printing cartridges and I don’t receive credit at the registers. I’m told that I will receive a check in the mail, I don’t. I have the people at the register look up my “Rewards” acct. they can’t find it. I ask them to look up my wifes acct. they find it. I submit more empty cartridges in her name and we receive nothing. I go online to check the status using the “Rewards” card # and I cannot gain access. Why in the — did you people change the system when it was working just fine?

  5. Philip Wolcott Says:

    Beware, your purchases may not being credited to your Staples Rewards account by linked credit card.

    Apparently your credit card can no longer be linked to your Rewards account. I had used my linked credit card to make purchases, without supplying my Rewards number, and my purchases had been being credited to my Rewards account. Recently I discovered that the last purchase made this way credited to my Rewards account was in August, 2008. I can also no longer find a place on the Rewards website to link a credit card. The customer service rep I talked to on the phone wasn’t aware the it had ever been an option and suggested that I can get credit on my Rewards account for purchases that had not been credited by calling in, or entering online, those receipt numbers. I may see if the store can reprint my receipts for purchases made using the credit card.

  6. Lydia Says:

    You also need to beware of purchases made using a Staples Cash Card (gift card). Staples hasn’t figured out how to allow you to use the card for on-line or phone purchases, you must palce your order in a store (they can place the order on-line) then pay with card. However, your purchase made this way doesn’t feed over to your Rewards account so you have to call them to get your purchases added.

  7. Zie L. Says:

    This program is a joke. I don’t see any immediate discount, and I buy quit frequently there. Every time the cash register ask me about presenting the reward card, I give them a smirk in the face, because it doesn’t do a thing. Nobody in the right mind will go there and spend over $200+ bucks just to save a little $15 bucks. Don’t fall for this useless program, as is it so pestering and useless every time you make a little purchase, it won’t make you feel special or any richer….!!!

  8. Ted Duncan Says:

    Complete waste of time and money.
    We have not gotten the rewards checks we’ve been promised and we have overpaid for our ink due to the failure of this program.
    Staples is scamming small business owners and not sending the rewards checks.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    We use this for our home based business. We get HUGE rebate checks. We spent over $1000 last year (not hard even if we didn’t have a business as long as you shop only there) and we now get so many benefits. I just placed an order and saved nearly $100 by using my rewards. I do buy paper and print toner through them which is where you get the most rewards from them.

  10. connie Says:

    I have sent in used ink cartridges and assured I will get my rebate tne next month. Have not received anything. I have tried calling the number listed and cannot get through. What is the holdup?

  11. David W Says:

    I expected an $18 reward from Staples for paper purchased during a 50 percent reward on paper promotion in Sept. 2009. No rewards yet,
    and it’s 2010. Early Feb. 2010 I called and the rep. claimed that
    50 pct. only kicked in after $150 in paper purchases. Staples Rewards Stinks!

  12. Sidney M. Jacobson DDS Says:

    On 1/10/2010 I bought several items from Staples that I was supposed to receive a rebate for through STAPLES REWARDS. I haven’t received any information. Please advise.

  13. Sandy Coker Says:

    I did my rebate submission on line and I printed out a receipt with a number on it to track the status. I don’t use snail mail at all for these things. This is my first rebate and it’s only $5.00 so if I don’t get it in 4 to 6 weeks as promised… Lesson learned and no more buying at Staples. Will let you know.

  14. Staple Shopper Says:

    I just purchased Norton 360 V4.0 at a local Staple store.

    The price list at the shelf is $79.99. But the sticker on the box has “$30 instant savings for Staple Rewards Member”

    The same thing from Norton is listed for the similar price.

    I checked out at the cashier, she asked me if I wanted to join, there will be a $30.00 instant rebate. I hesitated, but she asked again and I agreed. Final price for the goods $49.99. It is a steal.

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