Saturday, March 28th 2015

Susan Boyle Doesn’t Need A Credit Card

by Mr Credit Card

According to this post from contact music, Susan Boyle, the winner of the UK 2009 Britain’s Got Talent, does not believe in using credit cards.

Despite having a reported 15 million (10 million pounds) in her bank account from the sale of her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream (sold more than 8.5 million copies), she is given only $450 (350 pounds a week) to live on. And she is happily contented and thinks this will keep her grounded. From being unemployed in 2009 to a “superstar”, this really says a lot about not letting “money get into your head”! Who says you cannot be a frugal millionaire.

But if I had $15 million, I’d earn about $150,000 gross with 1% interest in the bank. After paying taxes, that leaves about $100,000 I guess (depending on your true tax bracket). If I save 20%, that leaves me with $80,000 to spend. And I guess I would be a little more generous with myself. But hey, to each his own. Question is, how much allowance would you give yourself if you had that amount of money?

To round up this post, here’s a cut and paste (from youtube) of her Susan’s performance with Elaine Page (her idol)!

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